Bullying: Children Face Bullying 24/7

July 30, 2013 Anti-Bullying Summit Keynote Speaker, Knoxville, TN

Dr. Steven Edwards: July 30, 2013 Anti-Bullying Summit Keynote Speaker, Knoxville, TN

Bullying:  Children Face Bullying 24/7 In Today’s World

Bullying, the biggest problem facing middle and high schools today, was the topic of the Anti-Bullying Summit held in Knoxville on July 30, 2013.  The Summit was well attended by educators, law enforcement and others who work with children across East Tennessee.  Bullying, seen across all sectors, is unlike bullying in past generations.  In today’s wired/wireless world, bullying is a 24/7 problem. 

Dr. Steven Edwards, keynote speaker, advised the audience that “what we don’t address, we accept.”

How do we address bullying when the dynamics have changed?  According to Dr. Edwards, change stems from leadership.  It is necessary to give the students a voice in the process.  It is necessary to find out their perception for effective decision-making to end bullying.

Regarding bullying, Dr. Edwards speaks from experience as a high school principal in Hartford, CT.  He refers to this formula: E+R=O (Event + Reaction = Outcome).  How we respond to bullying will determine the outcome.  Instead of relying on discipline alone, Dr Edwards encouraged getting to the root cause of the problem and treating it.  He stated it is important to look at what we (adults)are not doing, to look at what message we are sending students, and to model the behaviors we want students to practice.  Bullying will decrease in a culture of respect and caring, a culture where relationships are a priority and students are influenced by positive words and by praise.


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